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About Us

The company was initially conceived in Jan 2005 under proprietorship as KAP SERVICES. With steady growth, we changed to a corporation in February 2008 and have operated under this standard since.

Though we have been productive in the commercial sector and have experience with international customers, the United States government has been our mainstay for our products and services. This includes numerous long-term, as well short-term contracts with the following government and military divisions: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

The entire operation is managed and handled locally in southwest Houston, Texas. We have persevered through the downturn in the national and international economy with low fixed costs and running expenses and have maintained a loyal dedication to our customers.

Both owners of the company are college graduates with 65 years of combined experiences in several different sectors. Our president has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with many years of valuable experience in chemical manufacturing, R&D, QC, and new product development, technical services and government sales. While working with another company as a Technical Service Manager, he received seven consecutive “gold medals” for perfect performance scores. The managing partner and vice president, has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a strong background in accounting and customer services.   

To date, KAP SERVICES has received one silver medal for a 98% rating score. We are proud of our flawless credit rating. In the past six years, we have not had a single late/default payment.


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